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  Adirondack Cuisine Cookbook  

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"Adirondack Cuisine Cookbook"
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Published by
Countryman Press.

Drawing on the edible bounty of the Adirondack region, this groundbreaking book presents a cuisine that is both rustic and defined. This is the first nationally distributed color photograph publication to define and share the culinary bounty of the Adirondack region. Chef Armand created sumptuous, yet easy to follow recipes infused with fruits from hillside orchards, vegetables grown in fertile valleys, maple syrup, wild honey, forest mushrooms, artisan cheeses, fish, game , as well everyday ingredients.

In addition, exclusive recipes are featured from award winning Adirondack B&Bs, inns, resorts, restaurants as well a special chapter on regional food purveyors. As a special bonus, an exhaustive appendix covers everything a cook needs to know about cooking basics, types of foods, equipment, mail order resources and much more.

Adirondack style suggests bold simplicity and natural elements Adirondack chairs, rugged log cabins, Northern European roots and hearty meals. However, there is a subtler side to this style that reveals itself in the elegant lines of a bentwood chair, in the soft tones of a scenic etching, and in the intriguing fare created by the region's chefs and food purveyors.
Adirondack-style cuisine is on the verge of obtaining national recognition. The time has come to bring the cooking style of the Adirondacks to the world of food lovers. Close your eyes and think of wild berries, mushrooms, orchard fruits, wild honey, maple syrup, trout, salmon, fowl, and game... yes, you are on the right train- ALL ABOARD! Adirondack Cuisine next stop!

Click Here for a sample recipe from The Adirondack Cuisine Cookbook.



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