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The Adirondack Cookbook
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Published by North Country Books.

This spectacular book is so much more than a cookbook. Robert Birkel and Chef Armand Vanderstigchel have authored not only an outstanding cookbook, but a wonderful travel guide and fascinating pictorial look at the Adirondacks of upstate NY.

The recipes contained in this book come from local businesses and residents from as far north as Lake Placid and as far south as Troy, NY. You'll find photographs and drawings of beautiful mansions turned bed and breakfast (some built as early as the 1850's), wonderful restaurants, and area resorts. Each of these establishments have contributed favorite recipes. Each is accompanied by a map, a history of the establishment, and information of things do and see in the area. There's beautiful poetry and a generous amount of great stories, footnotes to the recipes and wonderful anecdotes sprinkled throughout the book. This is down-home cooking, done with pure love and a unique elegance that simply touches your heart.

You'll find over 250 recipes for everyone from Adirondack Wildberry chicken and Venison Chili, to Adirondack Blossoms (made with and pumpkin blossoms) and Saratoga snowball cookies. Your cookbook collection will never be complete without the Adirondack Cookbook. It's one of those cookbooks that you'll turn to again and again for the really tasty, really scrumptious recipes that will instantly become family favorites.

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